i.MX Applications Processor for the Automotive Market
i.MX53 Applications Processor
Automotive portfolio: i.MX534 and i.MX536
The i.MX53 family of automotive applications
processors represents Freescale’s next
generation of advanced multimedia and
power-efficient implementation of the ARM®
Cortex™-A8 core for the automotive market.
With core processing speeds up to 800 MHz as
well as a high level of integration, the i.MX536
and i.MX534 enable customers to re-create
today’s consumer user experiences in the car.
The first product in this family, the i.MX534,
combines the high-performance ARM CPU
with an OpenGL
ES 2.0-compatible graphics
engine, plus an independent OpenVG™ 1.1
graphics engine, allowing the ultimate in
flexibility for applications such as graphical
instrument clusters which require simultaneous
rendering for both 3-D and 2-D images for
driver information. The i.MX536 adds a multi-
format video engine capable of decoding
industry standard video formats up to full 1080p
resolution and video encoding up to 720p
resolution. Both products have dual display
interfaces to enable multiple in-vehicle displays.
Software Flexibility
Development on the i.MX534 and i.MX536 is
easier and more flexible with board support
packages available for the following operating
• Windows® Embedded Compact 7
• Linux®
• QNX
• Android™
Infotainment, Telematics,
Instrument Cluster and HMI
The i.MX534 and i.MX536 applications
processors balance the performance, power
consumption, connectivity and multimedia
capabilities necessary to drive the latest
automotive multimedia applications. These
processors are ideal for products that require
advanced user interfaces, high-performance
speech recognition, sophisticated video
processing and a high level of system
Advanced Security
In response to the increasing demand for
advanced security for automotive processors,
the i.MX534 and i.MX536 processors deliver
hardware enabled security features that
support secure e-commerce, digital rights
management (DRM), information encryption,
secure boot and secure software downloads.
Customer programmable hardware protection
of key interfaces such as JTAG is also
Target Applications
multimedia capabilities
provided to enable faster time to market
and lower R&D investment
acceleration provides best in class
performance for applications such as
Adobe Flash 10.1 acceleration
encode capability supported in hardware,
off loading the ARM core for other
graphics engines for the ultimate in
information display flexibility
up to 400 MHz bus speed for DDR2 and
DDR3 memories
automotive applications
automotive network communication
CPU Complex
OpenVG 1.1 hardware accelerators
HD 720p video encode hardware engine
resolution (each display)
image and video resize, inversion and
rotation hardware
Advanced Power Management
•ThreeI2S interfaces capable of
asynchronous operation plus an enhanced
serial audio interface for multichannel
synchronous audio I/O
hardware to eliminate need for complex
ARM software to align multiple audio
sample rates from different sources
IEEE® 1588 time stamping functionality
for automotive networking support
RAM and security monitor
assure correct run time software operation
TEPBGA-2 package
Multimedia Powerhouse
The multimedia performance of the i.MX536
processor is boosted by a multi-standard
hardware video codec capable of decoding
video up to 1080p and encoding up to 720p.
The i.MX534 and i.MX536 processors provide
an integrated OpenGL ES 2.0 graphics
processing unit that provides an incredible 33
MTri/s/sec and effective 800 Mpix/sec (with
overdraw) and an independent OpenVG 1.1
vector graphics engine capable of rendering
up to 200 Mpix/sec.
Currently available for sampling to high-
volume automotive customers and will be
available through distribution in early 2011.
Development Can Start Now
There are several options for starting
i.MX536 is available today for high volume
design-in activity
Smart Application Blueprint for Rapid
Engineering (SABRE) platform for
automotive infotainment based on the
i.MX53 (available early 2011), as well
as other platforms targeted toward the
consumer, industrial and general
embedded markets
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